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Is All Student Athlete Profile Information Accurate?
All student athlete profiles are created and updated by the recruit.  Live Recruit Academic does everything we can to make sure all information is as accurate as possible by the student athlete.  As it is in the best interest of the recruit to maintain accurate information for college coaches, if information is inaccurate please contact Live Recruit Academic who will then take action with the recruit and make the Student AthleteProfile Inactive until information is updated.

I am unable to view Recruits Personal Information, Grades, etc.
All coaches must register and then be confirmed by Live Recruit Academic that you are a College Coach.  Live Recruit Academic will manually confirm this information and then send you your Pin # which then you can sign in and have full access to the website.

How Do I Contact a Recruit I am interested in?
Currently, for the time being, College Coaches can view recruits contact information which they then can e-mail or call the particular player.  You can also contact Live Recruit Academic to reach out to the student athlete.  In the near future changes will be made to the site where College Coaches will be able to contact student athletes directly through Live Recruit Academic.

I did not receive my Live Recruit Academic College Coach Pin #
Since Live Recruit Academic has to manually confirm each College Coach because of the personal information on the website, please wait at least 24 hours from initial request.  Usually, this does not take that long and Live Recruit Academic's goal is to make the LRA experience a simple as possible for the College Coach.  If you don't receive your Live Recruit Academic Pin # please contact us and we will help you right away.

Is my Pin # personalized for each coach or each school?
 You Live Recruit Academic Pin # is specified by school, however, each Coach must have their own e-mail registered and established at the specific college.  if a Coach Changes schools they must contact Live Recruit Academic and receive their new school's Pin #. 


Who determines the Student Athletes Projected Level of Play?
Because the student athlete's are creating their profiles the student athlete determines where they feel they should be recruited at. This gives the College Coach a feel for what level the student athlete feels they should be recruited at.